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LAST Pangaia clubparty IN LITE with The Pangaia cacao dance ceremony, dj Martyn Zij & a special guest Patricia Pattinama. A place where you can dance wild and freely, with your bare feet on the floor.

Reconnecting with your tribe and your own raw essence. With scents and music from exotic & mystery places we journey together to……. our tribal heart.

Element of this month is ETHER. Called “akasha” in Sanskrit it is the first of the five great elements. It comes first because it is the most subtle of all elements. Often referred to as “space,” it is the essence of emptiness.


NEW !! 18:30-19:30 Laura’s Lentil Curry Dinner;
Great vegan organic food. (10 €)

20:00-22:00 Pangaia Cacao Dance Ceremony.
5 elements dance activation is a dance journey through the natural elements of ether, water, wind, fire, earth. Each elements is touched upon playfully through music, breathwork & shamanic tools. Laura typically is a Mayan ‘blue monkey’ and tends to activate te inner child in people.
This month we dive deeper into ETHER. Element of space, the most subtle one. We dive into this with guest ‘medicine woman’ Patricia Pattinama who is going to share her angelic voice , singing all together and the healing sound of crystal bowls.

22:00-2:00 Dance Party with our resident DJ Martyn Zij. He will bring an entrancing fusion of tribal, ethnic, groovy and electronic beats.

Excellent pies by Ginalicious Bakery
Fashion design by Isabela
Feathers by Aloe Gillis
Free tribal make-up
Dress inspiration (own choice): tribal, shamanic, bohemian, ibiza.

Club Lite, Jan van Galenstraat 24a Amsterdam.

cheap parking: 


20:00 -2:00 Full program : 20 ₠
(₠22,50 @the door)
including Cacao Ceremony & Party
22:00-2:00 Party only :10 â‚
(₠12,50 @the door)
laura’s Lentil Curry Dinner 10,00 â‚

I highly recommend you to attend the whole evening, as it is a journey that moves your breath and feet right from the start and is building up in energy.

Pangaia Cacao Dance Ceremony

A guided dance journey through the 5 elements with the uplifting effects of a cacao elixir, that opens our heart.  5 elements dance activation is a guided dance journey through the natural elements of ether, water, wind, fire, earth. Each elements is touched upon through music, breathwork, shamanic tools.

The theme of this month is EARTH; EARTH is our mother. To honour her, Laura & Bas are creating a special dance with live song & drums to honour her. FUN it is going to be

Pangaia Cacao Elixir

The Pangaia Cacao Elixir has a base of the following organic and vegan ingredients : Cacaopowder from Peru, coconut cream (santen) & coconut sugar from Indonesia, maca, cinnamon, vanilla, chili, pinch of salt and different essential oils. Different plant extracts are added for special purposes. In this ceremony we add Guayuasa. The cacao elixir is strictly non-psycho active, but for sure has uplifting effects on the psyche, you are being warned to feel goooood !

Oyeeee Pangaia !


Laura Shanaley Waya

PS Stay tuned for updates

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