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What started ten years ago as a small party in Nighttown (Rotterdam), has grown to be the biggest, baddest and hardest drum’n bass, hardcore, breakcore, dubstep event in Europe!

With five labels, an agency, label nights all over Europe and last but not least the massive Prspct XL events, it’s fair to say that Prspct has changed the hard electronic music scene for good.

For thisten year anniversary edition Prspct XL has moved from upstairs Factory 010, to the legendary Maassilo on the ground floor of this amazing building. To redefine the term ‘XL’ and to bring you a complete indoor festival like you have never seen before.

They have invited 42 of the best drum’n bass, hardcore, industrial, breakcore, jungle, dubstep & IDM artists from across the globe, spread across five terrifying areas.

So on May 16th, come join them in tearing the Maassilo a new one with eardrum pounding, nostril quivering and chest rattling beats that will blow you to kingdom come!

Here is what they have in store for you:

Prspct main area

  • Ed Rush (Virus)
  • Cooh vs Limewax (Prspct, L/B )
  • Eye-D & DJ Hidden (Prspct, Genosha)
  • Dub Elements (Prspct)
  • Counterstrike (Prspct, Algorythm)
  • Gancher & Ruin (Prspct, Position Chrome)
  • Thrasher (Prspct)
  • Existh (Cresst)

Hosted by:
Dart (Prspct)
Dirty Brown Visuals (Prspct)

Prspct XTRM Area

  • Hellfish vs Bryan Fury (Deathchant, Pacemaker)
  • Unexist (Industrial Strength, Traxxtorm)
  • The Outside Agency (Prspct XTRM, Genosha)
  • Radium (Psychik Genocide)
  • I:gor (Prspct XTRM, Deathchant)
  • Lowroller (Prspct, Industrial Strength)
  • Angel (Industrial Strength)

Hosted by:
MC Justice (Thunderdome)

Prspct Sub Area

  • Bare Noize (Owsla, Buygore)
  • Steen (live) (Infected Records)
  • Loop Stepwalker vs Balkansky (Prspct Sub, Scum)
  • Munchi (Mad Decent)
  • Sinister Souls (Prspct Sub, Scum)
  • Nicon (Subway, Scum)
  • Nicksn (Scum)

Hosted by:
MC Swift (Subway)

Prspct RVLT Area

  • Rotator (Peace off)
  • Bong-Ra (Prspct RVLT, Ad Noiseam)
  • FFF (Planet Mu, Clash)
  • Stefan ZMK vs Dissolvement (ZMK, Duracell)
  • Deformer(Prspct RVLT, Redrum)
  • Lady lite & MC Mary Jane
  • (3:rthquake)

Hosted by:
MC Mike Redman (Prspct, Redrum)

Prspct Space Area

  • A psychedelic audio visual brainwave trip experience by:
  • Mental Youth (GEM)
  • Ruwedata (Lowriders, Swipe)

As it’s ten years of Prspct and they love you boys and girls so much, they are giving away an exclusive Prspct anniversary CD mixed by DJ Thrasher for free, to every visitor of Prspct XL 15!

Pre sale: € 25,-

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