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The time has come. Don’t be too sad, but Sharam Jey is releasing the final single from his stunning second album, In My Blood. His new single, Living Like I’m Dying, is an astonishingly catchy piece of pop, laid delicately over a raw, pulsating electronic bassline.

Super-talented Katrina Noorbergen contributes the vocals to this track. She’s the singer in Aussie indie outfit Cassette Kids and her ethereal vocals give the track a spooky-yet-sexy vibe.

Noorbergen uses her voice as an instrument to great effect, bringing to mind the 2004 hit by Welsh singer-songwriter Jem, They.

The original instrumental version of this track, Revolution, is the album’s opener. And so we come full circle in the mind of Sharam Jey, leaving us to watch expectantly for his next exciting move.

The Cologne-based DJ and producer makes addictive contemporary party music that often looks to eighties electronica for inspiration. He has built a reputation for being a true innovator, picking a series of talented yet surprising collaborators for his current album including Princess Superstar , Nik Valentino (of Lost Valentinos) and Cornelia Next.

Living Like I’m Dying is a total package of a track. It is also accompanied by a truSHARAM JEY - LIVING LIKE IM DYING VOL 2ly excellent remix package. Jey has pulled out all the stops in turning the track over to an army of King Kong Records crew members. Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries, Marco V., The S., Kutz, Tanzin, Wazabi, NaDisko, and Mr Wonk all contribute a remix. The result is a high-value high-performance set of tunes that cover all the bases whatever your tastes.

The Marco V remix has a dramatic, almost classical feel to it, replete with hard, stabbing chords and an impossible amount of build-up. Marco is a creative and driven electronic music producer hailing from the Netherlands. Another stand-out mix comes from Tommie Sunshine and Disco Fries. The longest tune of the bunch, its poppy pianos shroud darker melodies and create a dancetastic clubby anthem.

Sharam Jey has carved a serious niche for himself with this single and with his whole album via a straight-up refusal to stop having fun. Easy to spin at a multitude of parties, Living Like I’m Dying takes the best pieces of pop culture and fuses them with elements from the cutting edge of today’s electronic music scene. A riot, a blast, however you want to describe it… Living Like I’m Dying is a track that makes you want to live life to the fullest.

Sharam Jey ft. Katrina Noorbergen – Living Like I’m Dying (Volume 1 and 2) is out from today on King Kong Records and available on and all other music retailers.

Sharam Jey ft. Katrina Noorbergen – Living Like I’m Dying Volume 1:
Sharam Jey ft. Katrina Noorbergen – Living Like I’m Dying Volume 2:

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