01 februari 2018 - 15:20


Saturday 03/02
tickets available in presale and at the door
doorsale entry before 00:00: €10

line up

The Martinez Brothers [ Tuskegee ]
William Djoko [ Shelter Amsterdam ]

Two brothers from the Bronx, raised on their father’s love of the Paradise Garage and road-tested worldwide before they even left high school: Shelter is proud to present you renowned pandemonium-instigators The Martinez Brothers on this first Saturday of February. Amsterdam Firepower comes from the brothers’ close friend and our very own William Djoko. Mark the date;

February artwork by Silica; 

presale: 1st release €18 | 2nd release €21
there will be doorsale for this event

tickets go online on Wednesday January 10, 12:00 sharp.

See you on the dance floor;

Due to limited locker capacity, we ask you to share your locker. Lockers cost €2,-

Shelter is an inclusive club. We kindly ask you to help create an intimate and respectful atmosphere. The music and vibe are always the main focus – please refrain from photography or video recording to ensure the best experience for your fellow clubber.

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