10 juni 2012 - 14:41
(Klik op de afbeelding
om deze te vergroten)
You and i, floating on the clouds above, feeling all the harmony of electronic sounds…

Close your eyes and hear the pureness of live music, beats and vocals. Deeply through our vains we feel every beat that gives us goosebumps…

Awakened and relieved from all the status and materialism in this world.

Just for one night, we feel no stress, no pressure and the 1111 guardian angels make us realize, when we see 11:11 on the clock, that nothing is more important than love, friends, family and the beauty of ONENESS.

Together we are one earth – one being, celebrating this edition the love for LIVE electronic music!

Want to experience the real live uncensored version of this euphoric legend?

Spread your wings and fly over to the next edition of 11:11 at Sugar factory’s palace…

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