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The concept SWINGBEATZ is already for 6 years one of the best parties in cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht!

Now it’s time to rock the South of Holland!!!

Swingbeatz became a hype because of there mix of R&B, Hip Hop, House, Classics and Latin music which gave the party his unique flavour.

With the best Urban/Eclectic/House and Caribbean DJ’s spinning and several national and international known artists performing, it became famous all over Holland and even abroad.

Artist like Jagged Edge, Omarion, Joe, Miguel, Sisqo and J.Holiday were some of the international artists on stage, and with famous visitors like Robin van Persie, Nigel de Jong, Wesley Snijder, Urby Emanuelson, Kenneth Vermeer, Jeremaine Lens, lots of other famous soccer players, Jandino, De Poema’s, Peter Aerts, Tyrone Spong, Remy Bonjasky, Yolanthe, Gohkan Saki, Kim Feenstra and all the amazing party people we attracted, this party made his mark in the world of partying!

Saturday the 4th of May it’s gonna be About the South!
Swingbeatz Worldtrip will bring you on a partytrip around the World!


Miami one of the hottest party cities of the world!
We bring you the Miami style of partying with lots of entertainment and the best DJ’s from all over Holland playing a mix of R&B, Hip Hop and House music. DJ’s:


If you can’t go to the Caribbean! we bring the Caribbean to you!
The best Salsa, Merengue, Bachatta, Reggaeton and Zouk, Samba girls dancing, brassbands playing and cocktails served!


Welcome to the fairytale of 1001 nights, here you have a sisha lounge, bellydancing, poledancing and a mix of Afrobeats and house music.
Make your fantasy become reality and


Welcome to Las Vegas! where your dreams can come true!
role the dice, play the roulette, shuffle the cards! just try your luck at one of our blackjack or roulette tables or just chill and watch the high-rolers play.


No waiting in line, served by the best waiters and be pampered! In Paris you can experience the live style of the rich and famous in the exclusive VIP-Lounge. Feel like a star and shine! Hotel rooms available!

The best DJ’s & Acts from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Breda, Brussels and Limburg:
-Cosmic (Studio 54, Mondial Beek, Fiesta Club Brussels)
-Skitzofrenix (Nope is Dope, Dancevalley)
-flava (Mysteryland, Tik Tak, Latinvillage)
-Flow real (Mamacita, )
-Vaiks L. & Rowses (Crazy Sexy Cool, Passie)
-Smash parker & Arias (Soixanteneuf, The Sand)
-Mixmaster J (Swingbeatz, Goodtimes)
-Saber (Sexy Motherfuckers, Salsa Deluxe)
-Styles (Pure Pressure)
-Myron (Solar Festival, Salsa Breeze)
-Cassanova (Barrio Deluxe, America Latina)
-Soundproviders (Millionairs Club, Icons)
-Ennergize (Latinbeach Stars, Prestige)
-Gio (Ik denk aan jou, Obsessie)
-Adje (Adonis) (Hele Meneer,)
Casino, Brassbands, streetdancers,
And lots more…………………….

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