16 oktober 2017 - 20:10

Special Guest: Hobo (CAN)
Released on labels including MINUS (55 tracks!!), Tronic Music, Hot Creations, mobilee records and DIYNAMIC MUSIC.


He has developed his own raw form of techno. Sometimes dark and abstract, and others more simple, heavy and groove based.  Best known for his work on Richard Hawtin’s label Minus – especially his huge hitting track ‘Incise” which featured on one of the labels compilations

Owner and manager of label Soundz launched in 2015

His 2009 hit ”Symptom” was charted a favorite by Depeche Modes co-founder Martin Gores.
Played festivals and venues worldwide including: Space – Ibiza, Amnesia – Ibiza, Ushuaia Beach Club – Ibiza, TimeWarp – Mannheim, Watergate – Berlin, Story – Miami, Stereo – Montreal, Sun City Music Festival – USA, Trade – Miami, Hardpop -Mexico, Exchange – Los Angeles, El Row – Barcelona, Sonar Festival, ADE, BPM Festival, Fabric -London, EDC – Las Vegas, Warehouse Project – UK, The Arches – Scotland, and Creamfields.

Line up:
Hobo (CAN), Dexon, Dauphin Åka, Gabriele Peveri

Visuals by vj meow

Event organized by InDeep’n’Dance Records.

This weekly night delivers a full on blitzing rave up. Pumping with all the excitement, energy and enthusiasm of even the biggest and baddest weekender. Each and every Tuesday locals and visitors come to celebrate life and share their appreciation of the music we love. Together. As it should be.

Despite being an iconic beacon of the Dutch underground, “Techno Tuesday Amsterdam” radiates a friendly, welcoming and accessible ambiance and all that fall somewhere between feel comfortable to unique.

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