15 april 2013 - 22:09
RADICAL REDEMPTION - THE SPELL OF SINCherrymoon and Minus is More present on Sunday 19th May 2013: The Spell of Sin – Radical Redemption Album Release!

Radical Redemption signed with Minus is More in the summer of 2011.

His album ‘Annihilate’ was released in the beginning of 2012. Hard, pounding kicks, massive atmospheres, experimental sounds and energetic vocals define his style.

In that year, Radical Redemption performed on all major events, such as DefQon 1, Loudness, Decibel and Dominator. On Sunday 19th May 2013, Radical Redemption will bring you his new album and a revolutionary new live act.

It will be unseen, unheard and unequaled. Experience it yourself and be redeemed by the redefined act of life.


  • Radical Redemption live (1 hour exclusive live showcase!)
  • Crypsis
  • Frequencerz
  • Chain Reaction
  • Tartaros
  • High Voltage
  • Goliath
  • District.01
  • Hosted by: MC Nolz

Ticket sales: €15 (ex fee) (worldwide – online tickets)All Free Record ShopAll Primera Shops


If you have interest to organise a bus for you and your friends to this event, please contact
They can make a good package deal for combi tickets (bus+tickets)!

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