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Tinlicker, otherwise known as Black Sun Empire’s Micha Heyboer, returns today with his first full-length solo album, Remember The Future.

Released on Zero Three Zero, it’s a huge release, with 22 tracks plus two bonus cuts. It’s My First Time Here, released for free in December 2012, was the world’s first introduction to Micha Heyboer outside of his established DnB outfit, Black Sun Empire.

Made up of Heyboer, his brother Milan and high school friend Rene Verdult, BSE are established purveyors of darkstep-fuelled drum n bass with five albums under their belts and a committed worldwide fanbase.

Tinlicker’s sound is an exciting departure, but not a shocking one given Micha’s eclectic influences, from Paul Kalkbrenner and Trentemøller to Radiohead and Patrick Watson.

Tinlicker’s eclecticism shines through on Remember The Future. He shows his pop chops on Empty Skies, featuring soulful vocalist Tessa Rose Jackson, and an appreciation for acid techno on tracks like Drive Me Crazy and Let The Windows Open. From poptronica to progressive house and even a nod to 80s synthpop (on We Are Young ft. Morgan Jones) this album is a mixed bag of tricks to say the least, a real portfolio piece that shows his full capabilities as a producer outside of the DnB sphere.

But it still retains something that is very specifically Tinlicker. Not so much a sound, although the dual threads of progressive and techno are certainly there. More like an ongoing theme, not easily quantifiable but present nonetheless.

From the artwork inspired by Ted Hughes’ Iron Man to the child-like wonderment evoked with song titles like Milkshake and Cupcakes, Applejuice and Octopus Tree, the album is strangely reminiscent of Craig Raine’s 1979 poem A Martian Sends A Postcard Home, which describes everyday objects through the eyes of a being seeing them for the first time. The title, Remember The Future, sums it up neatly.

Tinlicker – Remember The Future is out from today on Zero Three Zero and available via Beatport, iTunes and all other online music retailers.
Tinlicker – Remember The Future on Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/tinlicker/sets/tinlicker-remember-the
Tinlicker – Remember The Future on YouTube:http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZlPyPd2AUY8UC4d6AH1G21nnIHXxLEqU

01. Tinlicker feat. Thomas Oliver – Bombardier
02. Tinlicker – There is No Such Place
03. Tinlicker – Milkshakes and Cupcakes
04. Tinlicker – Applejuice
05. Tinlicker feat. Tessa Rose Jackson – Empty Skies
06. Tinlicker – Remember the Future
07. Tinlicker – I Will Surround You
08. Tinlicker feat. Painted Face – Turn Everything Around
09. Tinlicker + Zonderling – Trektor
10. Tinlicker – The Last Night We Thought Was Real
11. Tinlicker – Drive Me Crazy
12. Tinlicker feat. Morgan Jones – We Are Young
13. Tinlicker – Let the Windows Open
14. Tinlicker feat. Morgan Jones – Half Moon
15. Tinlicker – Forgive Me
16. Tinlicker – Octopus Tree
17. Tinlicker – Bad Timing
18. Tinlicker – Under the Satellites
19. Tinlicker – 22:22
20. Tinlicker – It’s My First time Here
21. Tinlicker – Paradise
22. Tinlicker feat Thomas Oliver – Shimmer
Bonus. Tinlicker feat. Morgan Jones – We Are Young (instrumental)
Bonus. Tinlicker feat. Tessa Rose Jackson – Empty Skies (instrumental)

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