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Swedish indie-rock sensation Torpedo get the Sharam Jey treatment this month with an explosive reworking of their track Waiting For The Fall, out today on King Kong Records.

Torpedo is hot news right now. Sometimes people like Justin Timberlake hang out with them and do things like lay down vocals for their albums. The five-piece describe themselves as ‘Kraftwerk with a heart,’ mixing doom-and-gloom themes of destruction with infectious synth-pop melodies. It’s pleasant and horrific all at the same time.

Waiting For The Fall originally appeared on the band’s second album, We, earlier this year. Now, thanks to a collaboration with Sharam Jey, it’s back, bigger and with more bass than before.

Jey is a dance music visionary with a Fresh Prince of Bel Air aesthetic and an obsessive tendency towards awesomeness. Founder of King Kong Records, he is an internationally recognised producer who can count having one of his tracks voted ‘Best Dance Track of All Time’ by Mixmag amongst his accolades.

This isn’t the first time these guys have teamed up. Lead singer Andreas Hogby appears on Sharam Jey’s artist album In My Blood, on a track called Hearts of Stone. As a self-confessed fan of the band, Jey needed little persuading to revisit the relationship for this collaboration.

The track is an emotive blend of electro and indie that is reminiscent of Not In Love, an epic Crystal Castle’s collaboration with The Cure’s Robert Smith. It’s an apocalypse with a poppy hook (an apocalypse?) that tugs on the heartstrings even as Jey’s beat drives the track relentlessly forward.

The track speaks to themes that recur time and time again in Torpedo’s work. Namely, that the end of the world is nigh and everyone’s in deep trouble. Yet the band have always had an excellent understanding of ‘catchy’ and with Sharam Jey’s input catchy gets turbocharged. It’s an interesting and ultimately completely successful juxtaposition of form and content.

The single release also includes a dub version and a radio version of the track. The accompanying video is directed by Johan Holm, who has previously collaborated with Torpedo on tracks Monday Morning and Army of Men.

Torpedo vs. Sharam Jey – Waiting For The Fall Music Video

Torpedo vs. Sharam Jey – Waiting For The Fall is out from today on King Kong Records and available on and all other online download retailers.

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