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After we survived the unbelievable crazy old-to-new night and morning at Kompass Klub in Ghent, it’s time to go pek to the place we came from, where we feel at home enough to invite some very special guests.

Please hold your seats till Saturday the 3rd of February, when the gates of the sPEKtacular vice city will open again with some very special guests ! We’ve got a kat along with his liveband straight from the Netherlands, a special lazy secret guest ,  a hidden legend from the UK who lived in Japan for a long time and pekuliarly changed into a record (?!) together with of course, your true downtown heroes: the vice city residents featuring Lil Lawaw , Dj Boats, Juicy & Arno Lemons.

line up

live – Larry de Kat (NL/ Liveband)

Famous for his funky productions & edits on Slapfunk, Lazare Hoche , Times Are Ruff and many others, but especially on his on Kat Nip records. Larry De Kat transforms now into a band, by bringing some human beings on stage along de funkiest cat alive. Together with the lovely Juno on the vocals, Thomas van Dijk on piano and Wouter van Dijk on guitar n bass, Larry is bringing the funk live to Vice City !

Lazy Secret Guest

Warming up the place, too lazy to confirm their show so more info soon who or what is warming up the place where party is duty and work is a sin..


DJ Nick the Record (UK/ Lifeforce, Record Mission)

Nick has been quietly involved in the scene for the past 25 years, DJing, releasing the occasional record and selling rare Disco & Soul records to the stars. Runs the Tangent nights in London, runs the Record Mission Label, released recently “Lifeforce” on G.A.M.M. , old friend of DJ Harvey etc.. Nick’s life has been just Partly in Europe, for 12 years Nick lived in Japan where he was part of the legendary Lifeforce crew. A must see for the underground disco connoisseurs !

The Vice City Residents

No introduction needed; your favourite downtown heroes Lil Lawaw, Dj Boats, Juicy & Arno Lemons will glue the night together in between and after the livebands, before Nick takes you into paradise.

Location: Pekfabrik, Kattenberg (Borgerhout)
Doors: 22h starts the first liveband.
Presale: STARTS ON Sunday 07/01/’18
Early birds: ₠7
Boarding pass: ₠9
At the door : ₠10 <23h> ₠15

See you when we see you
Vice City

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