11 november 2017 - 19:53

De Vinger has been a bastion of underground music in The Hague ran by Jeroen van Welzen for over 12 years. But all good things must come to an end. And with this festival featuring a lot of Dutch Gothic/Industrial bands, we want to send Jeroen off with as much positivity as we can.

A place where some people that would otherwise not be able to find a musical home elsewhere, found it here. A place where the mold is broken. Where the status quo is challenged.


We want to thank Jeroen. Whom’s view of inclusivity has provided so many great bands, acts, and DJs a wonderful breeding ground to musically grow and mature.
We want to come together, and as a group, to celebrate, and the chances he gave us.

And to do that, we’re gathering most of the bands, and DJs that through the years have played at this wonderful venue. And we’re doing all this craziness for only €10 entry fee.

So let’s all gather, and give Jeroen our middle finger one last time, not to flip him off, but to celebrate!

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